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Teachers Creative Supplies is a locally owned company which provides various products that cater to the wholistic development of children. It is well known that Play as a teaching technique is vitally important in a child's natural development. To this end, we at Teachers Creative Supplies have included a number of manipulatives known as Hands-on teaching materials to assist with the various ways in which play can benefit children's development. Our cusomer service team consists of product experts who will be able to provide you with valuable information about our products and services. Our distribution team is efficient, and reliable, they ensure all products ordered are delivered swiftly and in quality condition. Our Goal is to provide quality items at affordable prices and to ensure that what you receive will enable you to be the best educator you can be! We at Teachers Creative Supplies supply the tools to accumulate the knowledge mention above. Our charts covers subjects such as Maths, English, Science, and Positive Behabour. Our Manipulatives, in the context of education, are physical tools of teaching, engaging students visually and physically with objects such as Numbered Dice, Color blocks, Fractions Dominoes, Placevalues, etc. The use of these manipulatives is constructivist because students are actively engaged in discovery during the learning process.

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Teachers Creative Supplies is situated at second Avenue Alleynes Lane, Passage Road St Michael. This is the road directly west of Country Towers or the the first turn-off on the left after passing the traffic lights at the intersection of Passage Road, Country Road, and Whitepark Road going in the direction of Bankhall. On entering the gap, Teachers Creative Supplies is situated in the second avenue on the right.

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