Skeleton Chart
Product TCS 7632
Price 10.00

This colorful skeleton chart relates to the structure of the body details
all the parts of the human skeleton

More Ways To Say
Product TCS 7634
Price 10.00

Whether for the public, private, or home-school, these educational resources provide teachers and administrators with the tools necessary
to achieve academic success.

SW Alphabet
Product TCS 7635
Price 10.00

Having a simple alphabet chart available for young writers can greatly assist with proper letter formation

Product TCS 1000
Price 10.00

Help students master a basic part of speech–verbs with this chart.

Numbers 1-100 Chart
Product TCS 7645
Price 10.00

Use this 1-100 counting chart to teach adding, subtracting, counting,
and place values.

Product TCS 7685
Price 10.00

Begin your object lessons with instruction in colors, pupils find this interesting.

Multiplication Tables
Product TCS 7697
Price 10.00

This Multiplication tables chart will truely enhance the math skills
of your students. This chart features reproducible activities...

Word Clues For Solving Problems
Product TCS 7731
Price $10.00

This chart reveals the key terms in word problems that give clues about the proper operation to use addition, subtraction, multiplication or division

Months Of The Year In Spanish
Product TCS 7693
Price 10.00

This is a useful learning tool that decorates as it educates!

Word Families
Product TCS 7715
Price 10.00

This chart will help students increase their vocabulary and help them to be good spellers, good readers, and good writers.

Parts Of Speech
Product TCS 7719
Price 10.00

This Parts of Speech Chart is sure to capture the attention of your students while providing examples and definitions of the different
parts of speech. Use this chart to explain how a word is used in a

Days Of The Week In Spanish
Product TCS 7692
Price 10.00

Use this chart to show the difference between the Spanish and the
English version.

Order Of Operations
Product TCS 16584
Price $10.00

Encourage early literacy with these lower case alphabet stamps.
Practice letter recognition and formation, alphabetical order, and

"Operations With Decimals"
Product TCS 16553
Price $10.00

Measuring 9 in. x 9 in., this 11 x 11 pin square array geoboard is made
of durable plastic and is an excellent tool for teaching area, perimeter,
and fractions.

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